top_dentist_in_cottage_groveWhen you’re looking for the top dentist in Cottage Grove, MN, Dr. Dresen of Dresen Dentistry is the man to call. His office is conveniently located in the Summerhill Professional Building at 6936 Pine Arbor Drive, with office hours during the day Mondays through Thursdays. You can pay with cash, check or a credit card. Dr. Dresen is a personable and efficient dentist whom patients trust.

With reasonable rates for a whole host of services, including dental reconstructions, dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers and more, Dresen Dentistry’s sterling reputation comes from its leader. Dr. Tom Dresen graduated from the University of Minnesota’s dental school, with honors, in 1993. Then he did his graduate training in prosthodontics at the Milwaukee Veterans Medical Center, completing that course of study in 1999. Since then, he has earned a solid reputation as the top dentist in Cottage Grove, MN. He can explain a lot about teeth to you, in a way that you’ll understand, so you understand his procedures and have no need to fear.

Dr. Dresen is a family man, married to his lovely wife Terri. Together they’re raising two sons, Matthew and Robbie. When he’s not in Cottage Grove, Dr. Dresen may be in Lima, Peru, where he helps repair hundreds of cleft palates on an annual trip.

If you’re looking for a professional dentist with expert knowledge in subjects beyond routine cleanings and check-ups, Dr. Dresen is the kind of learned man who can provide you with services beyond the scope of a typical dentist. Patients love him, as evident by their glowing testimonials, which you can see here:

The top dentist in Cottage Grove, MN is just a phone call away. Call Dr. Dresen’s office at 651-735-1585 to schedule an appointment so you can meet with him, share your needs and concerns, and be on your way to a healthier mouth full of attractive teeth.