Dental equipment

For teeth cleaning Woodbury MN, choose Dresen Dentistry. Over time, teeth need a professional cleaning because dentists and hygienists can reach places where you and your toothbrush can’t, and they can assess the condition of your teeth and let you know if anything needs fixing or improving.

To maintain good oral health, teeth cleaning Woodbury MN is vital. Typically patients schedule two appointments per year, six months apart. During these appointments, hygienists may perform periodontal charting, periodontal debridement (scaling and root planing), and, of course, teeth cleaning. They can also take intraoral radiographs, administer fluoride, and give you advice regarding specific oral hygiene practices. Then, the dentist will look over your teeth (and/or your “X-rays” if you had them taken) and give you a diagnosis– it’s always nice to hear “no cavities, you’re all set.” Or, if there’s something going on inside your mouth that needs further attention, the dentist can tend to it during another visit.

Teeth cleaning Woodbury MN is a Dresen Dentistry mainstay. It works in tandem with you cleaning your teeth daily, at home, to help ensure a healthy mouth. As stated earlier, a visit to the dentist can get to places and things you can’t– and that means using tools to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria build-up in your mouth and on/in between your teeth.

By having two appointments per year for teeth cleaning, your helping protect yourself from tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease. Plus, it’s nice to leave a dental appointment with sparkling clean teeth so you can show off your super smile.

Since teeth cleaning costs vary, check with Dresen Dentistry about prices beforehand, and if you have dental insurance, ask if the office takes it. For teeth cleaning Woodbury MN, call Dresen Dentistry today at 651-735-1585 to make an appointment.