For routine dental cleanings St Paul, visit Dresen Dentistry. Dr. Dresen and his staff believe that regular teeth cleaning is essential for a healthy mouth.

Healthy teeth allow you to both eat and speak properly, and a bright white smile makes you look attractive in both personal and professional settings.

Whether we like it or not, people judge us on our teeth. Having gross-looking teeth in today’s superficial, image-obsessed society is a big “no-no.”

Teeth are connected with other parts of the body, such that good oral care helps maintain good overall health. If you neglect your teeth, you’re neglecting your overall health.

Why is it important to have routine dental cleanings St Paul? Well, Dresen Dentistry would rather you take care of your teeth’s little problems before they get out of control. Would you rather pay a little bit of money for routine cleanings and check-ups, or a whole bunch of money for “major repairs?” Routine cleanings are like oil changes for cars– they help keep your teeth in good condition. It’s important to have teeth experts like Dr. Dresen examine your teeth at least twice a year to let you know if he finds any problems that need addressing.

Routine teeth cleaning helps prevent cavities by getting rid of plaque on teeth. The more plaque that builds up on your teeth over time, the more likely you are to get gum disease. That’s why it’s smart to have a professional like Dr. Dresen (and his staff) get rid of the plaque build-up using their techniques which go beyond what you can accomplish at home.

Routine dental cleanings St Paul at Dresen Dentistry also helps brighten your smile, freshen your breath, and make you look and feel better.

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