For restorative dentistry St Paul, Dresen Dentistry is the smart choice. Dr. Dresen and his staff are all about restoring teeth so you’ll look your best.

There are several ways Dr. Dresen can fix your teeth.

Bonding is a relatively inexpensive way to take care of things like gaps between teeth, staining, and/or teeth with shapes you don’t like. Bonding doesn’t involve mold-taking or lab-fabrication. It’s a quick procedure that permanently attaches dental materials to your teeth using dental adhesives and a high intensity curing light.

restorative_dentistry_st_paulBridges are used to replace missing teeth. Ideally, you don’t want missing teeth because they lead to changes in your bite, speech problems, and an increased risk of periodontal disease and/or tooth decay. Bridges (as well as implants and dentures) fill in the gap(s) so your mouth can function as God intended.

If you’re ever feeling like a king or a queen, perhaps you have a dental crown. But seriously, dental crowns are liked fitted caps for your teeth, serving as added protection against teeth grinding or covering up tooth cracks/decay as needed.

Restorative dentistry St Paul at Dresen Dentistry also includes the ever-popular dental filling. When you have a cavity, you get a filling, right? Correct. Dental fillings are used to repair small tooth fractures and tooth decay. Tooth-colored fillings made of composite or porcelain are popular these days, such that you wouldn’t even know they’re there when looking inside someone’s mouth for “fillings.”

Full mouth reconstruction may sound daunting, but it’s basically the rebuilding/restoring of all of a person’s teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. As you’d assume, it does take multiple office visits over time, depending on the situation.

If you’ve got a tooth or teeth you consider imperfect and in need of fixing, restorative dentistry St Paul is just a phone call away: 651-735-1585. Call Dresen Dentistry today.