dentures_in_cottage_groveDentures in Cottage Grove, MN are available from Dresen Dentistry, located in the Summerhill Professional Building at 6936 Pine Arbor Drive. Dr. Dresen and his staff are denture specialists, having a great reputation in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul region for dealing with dentures.

Dentures aren’t just for the elderly. People of any age may lose their natural teeth for any number of reasons, and it can take an emotional toll. Imagine being a young person missing front teeth, with kids making fun of you because of it. Or you’re a bride-to-be but you’re miserable over the thought of your wedding day pictures being spoiled by your lack of teeth.

Teeth, whether we care to admit it or not, play a major part in our self-esteem and confidence. Dentures can fix our “look” so we look better!

Dentures today closely resemble natural gum tissue and teeth, so if you do get them you should be able to fool others into thinking you have all your natural teeth because dentures are made to blend in well.

If you have natural teeth that need to be removed before the proper denture is made, Dr. Dresen can do that. After some healing time–typically two months–you’d come into the office for several appointments. The process involves taking an impression to determine vertical dimensions and proper jaw position as well as a “try-in” to make sure the color, shape and fit is correct before the final denture is created.

People who need dentures in Cottage Grove go to Dr. Dresen because of his expertise. He is able to help patients understand the denture process so the fear is taken out of the picture. All too often, people fear getting dentures simply because they seem like such foreign objects to put in one’s mouth. The reality is they enhance the appearance of one’s smile, and have other notable benefits, including the fact that they make chewing foods easier.

To make an appointment for dentures in Cottage Grove, call Dr. Dresen’s office at 651-735-1585. The Cottage Grove office is open Mondays through Thursdays.