dentures_doctor_in_saint_paulAs a dentures doctor in Saint Paul, Dr. Dresen of Dresen Dentistry cares about advancements in denture prosthetics. In America today, upwards of 33 million people have dentures, and that number will continue to rise as the population ages and sugary foods continue to wreak havoc on the nation’s teeth. Indeed, the need for dentures is a global one– there are many people in poorer countries who could especially benefit from them.

There’s a new technique– the “Larell One Step Denture”–which allows a dentist to fabricate complete dentures in one visit, in about an hour. Available at a reasonable cost to the patient in these tough economic times, these “quick” dentures can serve a purpose– while not replacing conventional dentures, they can “fill in the gap” as needed.

Known as a “custom-comparable” denture, the Larell One Step Denture is meant for people who have neither the time for five office visits nor the money for conventional dentures. As a dentures doctor in Saint Paul, Dr. Dresen realizes that different people have different needs, so it’s good to offer several options to improve the look and function of people’s teeth.

One of the reasons the Larell One Step Denture may catch on is because three to four million people in the world each year will need dentures. Furthermore, dentures tend to serve a useful life of about five years, so people need replacements. Meanwhile, not every person can easily make it to a dentist’s office, so the Larell One Step Denture can be fabricated in settings such as nursing homes, assisted living homes and mobile clinics.

Dentures have been around a long time, and even today they’re still popular and commonplace because they serve an important function: they raise the self-esteem and improve the quality of life for those who use them. Teeth matter and looks matter.

If you’re looking for a dentures doctor in Saint Paul, look no further: Dr. Dresen is the man! Email to inquire about dentures.