Dentures are devices designed to take the place of missing teeth. Dentures can be complete or partial and can be permanent or removable. Dentures have become much more advanced than they have previously been, with newer techniques and materials it can be very hard to detect a well-fitting denture appliance. Some people may prefer a bridge or dental implant to dentures, but sometimes that is not possible which makes dentures the way to restore several important functions. Dentures offer many benefits as replacements for teeth that have been lost due to trauma, decay, an accident, old age, or gum disease.

Denturs Can Help With:

  • Speech – when missing teeth it can be difficult to pronounce certain words. Dentures help with enunciation and allow the wearer to speak more clearly.
  • Eating – when missing teeth it can be difficult to bite and chew food. With dentures this is avoided.
  • Appearance – missing teeth can cause a collapsed appearance in the cheeks. With dentures the cheeks are properly supported creating a more natural facial appearance.

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