Dentist_office_Cottage_GroveDresen Restorative Dentistry, a dentist office Cottage Grove residents rely on for many dental procedures, wants you to know you don’t have to be afraid of visiting the dentist.

If you have a phobia about visiting the dentist, you might consider cognitive behavioral therapy. According to researchers from King’s College in London, this form of psychotherapy helps to change a person’s thinking and behavior. In other words, you can go from dreading the dentist to actually being fine with whatever he does.

The researchers followed 130 people who were afraid of the dentist. They had common fears like needle injections and the sound of the drill. These were people who avoided the dentist for years because fear held them back. Thanks to cognitive behavioral therapy, though, 79 percent of the participants were able to go to the dentist without the need for sedation to calm their anxiety. It took about five therapy sessions beforehand to help each patient get to that point.

As a dentist office Woodbury residents can trust, Dresen Restorative Dentistry takes great care of its patients. The staff choose to work with patients to make procedures as comfortable as possible. Rather than have patients shy away from visiting the dentist for regular check-ups, Dr. Dresen and staff will take the time to explain procedures to calm patients’ fears. The dentist office Woodbury staff works to create a relaxing environment. Patients don’t have to needlessly suffer.

Phobias, including dental phobias, can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps “reprogram” the brain so it can handle fear and anxiety triggers. By confronting fears that weren’t rational to begin with, people can overcome mental obstacles standing in their way.

Do you have any concerns before you visit the dentist office Woodbury residents typically choose for dental procedures– Dresen Restorative Dentistry? You’re welcome to write down notes for the dentist. Detail everything you can think of to make you feel most comfortable during your visit.