dental_reconstruction_st_paulFor dental reconstruction St Paul, choose Dresen Dentistry like Jane did, when her tooth awkwardly broke.

“I was eating a late lunch in St. Paul at a very nice restaurant when I bit down on my steak and something in my mouth felt unusual,” Jane remembers. “I didn’t want to make a scene so I excused myself and went to the bathroom. There, in the mirror, much to my surprise, I saw a piece of my tooth among the chewed up food!”

Jane’s story is a common one, and Dr. Dresen takes care of dental reconstruction St Paul because of things like bones in meat, hard candy, sticky candies, and ice cubes. Teeth are not indestructible.

Jane wrapped the piece of broken tooth in a napkin. She called Dr. Dresen’s office to get an appointment the next morning. During the interim, she took acetaminophen to relieve the pain and she rinsed her mouth with salt water several times.

“I avoided food that night, and the next morning I sipped some water at room temperature through a straw,” says Jane.

Dr. Dresen met with his patient and noticed it was a small piece of tooth enamel which had chipped off. Since it was from one of the front teeth people see everyday, he decided to do a bonding procedure, using a tooth-colored composite resin to fix the look and feel of the overall broken tooth.

“I think we all tend to make a bigger deal of things that happen to us,” says Jane. “It turns out that the bonding procedure made my tooth look good as new, and it didn’t take long. I was able to get back to work later that same day and my co-workers had no idea that the night before I went through my ordeal.”

A broken tooth is a problem waiting to be fixed by a professional.

When you chip, crack or break a tooth, call Dresen Dentistry at 651-735-1585 for dental reconstruction St Paul.