Dental_Implant_Offices_Cottage_GroveAt the dental implant offices Woodbury, Dr. Dresen is well known for doing dental implants for patients. In the future, “mini implants” will most likely become commonplace as technology continually improves.

For people who have a tough time smiling, speaking or eating because they have trouble with dentures and/or denture adhesive, dental implants and/or mini implants can make the world of a difference. Dentures can snap neatly over four implants utilizing tiny steel posts, providing more stability in a person’s mouth.

Dr. Dresen’s dental implant offices Woodbury Grove offer many dental procedures, and dental implants are popular. Mini implants are fairly new in dentistry, and they’re helpful to people who have bone loss. They’re also an alternative, cost-wise, to the more expensive regular sized implants. Some insurance companies cover the cost of getting mini implants, while some do not. Mini implants aren’t yet commonplace, but they are a trend to look forward to in dentistry.

As a person’s jaw bone shrinks after teeth are taken out, how are dentures supposed to anchor themselves if there’s hardly anything left to anchor to? Mini implants, which are about half the width of regular sized implants, can be used to anchor dentures. Unlike regular sized implants, which can involve complex surgery, mini implants are able to be placed in a person’s mouth using a simple and gentle approach. They don’t bother the bone and tissue much, and therefore the healing time is relatively fast. Most mini implant installations only require one visit to the dental implant offices Woodbury.

Any time something changes in the mouth, a person can experience some discomfort and pain. Therefore, over-the-counter pain medication can be used to deal with that during the day or days following implant procedures.

Mini dental implants not only anchor dentures, but can also be used on cemented crowns and bridges, making them quite convenient. Best of all, these implants allow a person to keep their face’s normal curves. Since the implants are fixed in the jawbone like normal teeth, a person doesn’t have to experience the unsightly “facial collapse” so often found when there’s the combination of bone loss and teeth extractions.

If you’re experiencing bone loss or tooth loss, call the dental implant offices Woodbury at 651-735-1585 to talk with Dr. Dresen and staff about implant options.