dental_implant_doctor_in_st._paulYour dental implant doctor in St. Paul is Tom Dresen. Sure, there are lots of dentists in St. Paul, MN, but not many of them specialize in dental implants. At Dresen Restorative Dentistry, with a new office in Cottage Grove, Dr. Dresen provides comfortable, quality dental implant care. He is known for his high quality work with dental implants and has had many satisfied patients go through the procedure and come out smiling.

Dental implants are used to create artificial roots to anchor a replacement tooth (or teeth) to the jawbone so people will have the look, feel and use of teeth as they’d like. Work is typically done in stages to install dental implants, and the overall procedure costs several thousand dollars and does take some time– several weeks or months, actually.

Several procedures done by a dental implant doctor in St. Paul, like Tom Dresen, can include extractions, bone grafts, tissue grafts, crowns, bridges, and/or a sinus lift. Obviously these are not procedures you’d want a non-professional performing on you and your mouth. That’s why you’d go to an experienced, reputable dentist like Dr. Dresen.

Dental implants may be considered cosmetic procedures, though sometimes insurance plans will cover some of the surgery costs– definitely check on that.

Before a person gets dental implants, X-rays and a possible CT scan are taken. Models are made of the person’s mouth, too. Dr. Dresen can explain the entire dental implant process to you in person if you’d like. He’s an expert regarding dental implants in St. Paul and surrounding cities.

When you’re looking for a dental implant doctor in St. Paul, call Dr. Dresen’s office at 651-735-1585. He and his staff can help you figure out all your relevant dental options, as well as a way of financing the process so the needed work gets done.