dental_implant_doctor_in_cottage_groveDr. Dresen is your dental implant doctor in Cottage Grove. If you have a missing tooth, there are several reasons to have him replace it with an implant.

Your teeth function like a football team. Each one matters in order to chew the food to keep you alive and “winning.” When a tooth is missing from the team, bad things can happen. For instance, your teeth may end up shifting to try and compensate for the lost tooth. This is not an ideal situation, and can lead to crooked teeth. Meanwhile, problems with your bite can occur, putting a strain on your jaw joint. Over time, your jawbone can deteriorate, causing your face shape to change. And, don’t forget that a missing tooth can also lead to more tooth decay in your mouth, as well as gum/periodontal disease.

If your teeth really were a football team, and half of them were missing from a game, you’d have a hard time winning that game. The remaining teeth would have to work overtime to try and get the job done, and they’d become stressed out. Their condition would deteriorate. Pretty soon they’d refuse to play the game. You need your teeth to chew foods, swallow them, feel full and live life. Missing teeth would mean having to avoid certain foods you used to love because you’d have a hard time dealing with them. Don’t let that happen.

As a dental implant doctor in Cottage Grove, Dr. Dresen sees many patients who have lost a tooth due to decay or injury. Oftentimes, Dr. Dresen recommends replacing the lost tooth with a dental implant. We are living in a time when dental implants are top-notch. Essentially, a dental implant looks, feels and functions just like a person’s real tooth would—it’s a convenient way to replace a missing tooth. Better yet, it uses small cylindrical titanium fixtures that function as “tooth roots,” anchoring it properly in the mouth. Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime and have become the standard for restorative dentistry.

Candidates for dental implants ideally need to be in good overall health, with an adequate amount of jawbone and healthy gum tissue free of disease.

If you have a missing tooth (or teeth), you need to make an appointment with Dr. Dresen, the best dental implant doctor in Cottage Grove. Call the office today at 651-735-1585 to make an appointment to see what can be done to restore and improve your teeth.