A full mouth reconstruction involves several cosmetic dentistry procedures that are designed to improve the health and appearance of your smile. Reconstructions are usually recommended for clients who have teeth that are damaged, worn down, or missing completely. Damaged teeth negatively impact your smile, can weaken your chewing ability, and create bite imbalance. Depending on your degree of tooth damage a combination of various dental treatments may be used. These treatments include; porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental implants, tooth bonding, tooth-colored fillings, and dental bridges. If you have severely damaged teeth, or you are suffering from symptoms of TMJ, such as headaches, jaw pain, or popping sounds in the jaw, you may be a good candidate for a full-mouth reconstruction. If you have been affected by gum disease, or are missing teeth causing your bite to be off balance, you can benefit from a full mouth reconstruction.

Dental Reconstruction Benefits Include:

  • Helping to Maintain Good Physical and Oral Health
  • Giving you a Bright White Smile
  • Creating a Natural Look
  • High Level of Comfort and Stability
  • Protecting Against Further Decay
  • Helping Speech Sound Natural
  • Increased Confidence in a Patient’s Smile

At Dresen Dentistry a full mouth reconstruction is a service that we offer. Whether your teeth are missing due to poor care, an accident, or disease, Dresen Dentistry can give you a healthy bright smile. Dresen Dentistry can even help with a reconstruction due to oral cancer. At Dresen Dentistry we provide the best available treatment and care for your teeth. Our dental care is state of the art, we have a wealth of experience, and we personalize the care of every patient. If you are in need of a full mouth reconstruction, or any dental services, call Dresen Dentistry at 651-735-1585 and set up an appointment today.