Cottage_Grove_MN_dental_implantsDresen Dentistry is the place for Cottage Grove MN dental implants. Dr. Dresen has significant expertise and experience in dental implants, which can help prevent premature aging and give you the smile and attractive look you desire.

When you lose a tooth, or two, or more, you end up with a gap in your smile. Furthermore, you may not be able to chew food properly, and your overall diet is affected. Tooth loss also leads to bone loss. Did you know your jawbone begins to atrophy (shrink) when a tooth is lost? The shape of your face, and your profile, can change, causing you to look prematurely old!

For Cottage Grove MN dental implants, go with Dr. Dresen and his staff, as they perform restorative dentistry as a mainstay of their practice, replacing missing teeth. Rather than live life with missing teeth, dental implants will help you maintain your youthful good looks, your natural smile, and your jawbone so you’ll look your best and feel confident.

Just in case you’re not yet convinced about dental implants, know this: they look and feel like your own teeth! Designed to fuse with bone, they essentially become permanent, unlike dentures which need to be put in and taken out often.

You don’t have to deal with the annoyance or awkward discomfort of removable dentures when you choose dental implants instead. Dental implants won’t slide around in your mouth so they won’t interfere with eating or speech. And, better yet, dental implants are as durable as durable can be, typically lasting a lifetime.

Cottage Grove MN dental implants are worth investigating. Feel free to ask questions and raise concerns with Dr. Dresen and/or his staff by calling 651-735-1585 today to discuss dental implants and how they can help you live a better life.