cottage_grove_dentistA typical person has 32 teeth, including four wisdom teeth, eight incisors, four canines, twelve molars and eight pre-molars. Some get their wisdom teeth removed, especially when they’re younger. Others have problems and “lose” teeth due to decay and disease. Around forty percent of people over 65 years do not have a complete set of teeth, but they don’t need to despair. In fact, anyone who has problems with their teeth should know there’s still hope.

Dresen Restorative Dentistry, your Cottage Grove dentist, is all about giving people an attractive and healthy smile. The staff is friendly, to the point where people feel relaxed and comfortable.

Furthermore, Dresen is the place to go in Cottage Grove for partial or full dentures. If you’re missing teeth, Dr. Dresen and staff can figure out what needs to be done to fix the problem(s) and then do it. Dentures, for instance, help many people speak more clearly, bite and chew food more easily, and support the cheeks to lose the “collapsed appearance” the cheeks sometimes get when teeth are missing.

Your friendly Cottage Grove dentist, Dr. Dresen, has a wife and two sons, enjoys sailing, and visits Peru yearly, volunteering his time to serve families where children have cleft palates and need his restoration services. In the past, Dr. Dresen served in the US Navy Dental Corps—you’re welcome to ask him about his many interesting experiences in both Maine and Cuba.

Dr. Dresen’s long-time office manager is Carla. A married mom of two, when she’s not in the office, she’s working out at the local YMCA. She loves to travel, so ask her about her adventures.

Meanwhile, you’re likely to say hello to Mary while at the office. Mary is an expert in prosthodontics. That’s a big word for teeth restoration. Having worked with Dr. Dresen for about two decades, Mary is a caring person who shows great encouragement to patients as they have work done. Mary’s young-at-heart and when she’s not in the office, she enjoys the great outdoors—camping, biking and hiking—in magnificent Minnesota.

When you come to Dresen Restorative Dentistry, you’re treated like a member of the family—in a caring and kind way. Should you want to improve the look of your smile and have teeth restoration work done, your Cottage Grove dentist should be Dr. Dresen and staff.