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Dental Implant Doctor

Dental Implant Offices Woodbury

At the dental implant offices Woodbury, Dr. Dresen is well known for doing dental implants for patients. In the future, “mini implants” will most likely become commonplace as technology continually improves. For people who have a tough time smiling, speaking or eating because they have trouble with dentures and/or denture adhesive, dental implants and/or mini [...]

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Cottage Grove MN Dental Implants

Dresen Dentistry is the place for Cottage Grove MN dental implants. Dr. Dresen has significant expertise and experience in dental implants, which can help prevent premature aging and give you the smile and attractive look you desire. When you lose a tooth, or two, or more, you end up with a gap in your smile. [...]

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Dental Implant Doctor in St. Paul, Dr. Tom Dresen

Your dental implant doctor in St. Paul is Tom Dresen. Sure, there are lots of dentists in St. Paul, MN, but not many of them specialize in dental implants. At Dresen Restorative Dentistry, with a new office in Cottage Grove, Dr. Dresen provides comfortable, quality dental implant care. He is known for his high quality [...]

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St. Paul Dentist, Dr. Tom Dresen

In St. Paul, dentist Tom Dresen has been keeping teeth and smiles healthy and beautiful for almost two decades. Dresen Restorative Dentistry serves many people in St. Paul, the state capital and second-most populous city in Minnesota. When you’re looking for an excellent St. Paul dentist, look no further than Dr. Dresen. You can rest [...]