Best_Dentist_Cottage_GroveDr. Dresen is the best dentist Woodbury residents can visit because he and his team take a very gentle approach to patient care. If you have sensitive teeth and gums, Dr. Dresen’s aim is to strengthen your gums and help you reduce your sensitivity.

As the best dentist Woodbury has, Dr. Dresen knows several reasons you might be experiencing sensitive teeth and gums. For one, you could be brushing too hard. You don’t have to maul your mouth with the toothbrush. In other words, don’t be so forceful. If you’re currently using a hard-bristled brush, switch to a soft one. It can make a world of difference!

Your teeth have protective layers. When these layers get worn down from things such as forceful brushing, microscopic hollow canals leading to your dental nerves can get exposed. Therefore, if you eat something particularly hot or cold or acidic or sticky, tooth sensitivity occurs.

Speaking of acidic foods, if your nerves are exposed to acidic foods such as pickles or lemons, they will cause you pain and discomfort so they’re best avoided.

A lot of people grind their teeth, especially while sleeping. They may not even realize they do this, but it’s yet another reason for sensitive teeth. The enamel gets worn down exposing the middle layer of the teeth containing those hollow tubes leading to the nerves. You can ask best dentist Woodbury Dr. Dresen about wearing a night guard over your teeth at night to help battle the grinding problem.

Finally, if you use tooth-whitening toothpaste or you use mouthwash excessively you might be setting yourself up for sensitive teeth and gums. Certain chemicals in toothpaste and/or alcohol in mouthwash can bother your teeth, so you might consider switching to alternatives and see if that helps.

Call the best dentist Woodbury at 651-735-1585 to talk with Dr. Dresen and staff about your sensitive teeth and gums. With the dentist’s gentle approach to helping you, oral discomfort can become a thing of the past.