Affordable_Dentist_Cottage_GroveAs an affordable dentist Woodbury residents trust, Dr. Dresen helps many people build better smiles. It’s better to smile than to frown. A nice smile helps make you look more attractive. After all, like the old song goes, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile!”

Besides having the affordable dentist Woodbury tend to your teeth at check-ups twice a year, what are some things you can do on your own to maintain and/or improve your smile?

The first thing is a no-brainer: brush regularly. Why brush? Brushing your teeth removes food particles that bacteria feed on so you don’t get cavities and other problems. Cleaning your teeth several times a day helps them look good.

In conjunction with brushing, there’s flossing. Now too many people avoid flossing, but that’s not good. You need to floss! Your toothbrush cannot reach everywhere. Floss gets in between the teeth to get rid of food particles caught up in there. By the way, if you feel like your current floss is not working right, buy some others at the store and experiment ‘til you get one that works well. Dental floss and/or dental tape (which is wider) are very useful for maintaining healthy teeth.

Are you eating a healthy diet? Sugary foods, drinks and snacks are the main culprit in ruining teeth. If you’re going to eat and drink a lot of sugary things, the smartest thing to do is rinse with water and/or brush your teeth immediately after ingesting the sugary stuff. That way the sugar can’t linger on your teeth. For a “better smile,” add dairy and calcium-rich foods to your diet, as they aid in keeping your teeth healthy. The Vitamin C found in fruits help keep gums healthy.

Finally, you can whiten your teeth or have cosmetic procedures done to improve your smile. As an affordable dentist Woodbury residents put their faith in, Dr. Dresen can advise you on what to do and what not to do in order to maintain or improve your smile. Call 651-735-1585 for an appointment.